A reliable choice in paintless dent repair is finally here.

Why choose Dent Genie?

Our paintless dent repair technicians are veterans with 20+ years of experience and we are using it to give you a better choice in hail damage repair. With Your Dent Genie, we’re cutting out the stuff you don’t need (shady hail storm chasers and shabby craftsmanship) and giving you local technicians, waiver of deductible, loan car, beautiful results, and superior customer service.

Dent Genie works directly with each individual customer and recognizes that not every hail-damaged car is alike. Therefore we actually tailor hail damage repairs to suit your specific needs because every customer’s personal situation is not the same. Dent Genie becomes your advocate in every way during the paintless dent repair and auto insurance process.

My car was damaged in the recent hail storm, what do I do?

Call Dent Genie at (214) 802-7887 and we will do a COMPLEMENTARY HAIL ASSESSMENT. This will involve observing the damage to ensure that your vehicle is a candidate for the paintless dent repair method. We arm you with the information you will need to file your insurance claim. Let your insurance company (IC) know that Dent Genie is your shop of choice, so they can make the check payable to you and us.

If you filed your claim before deciding on your shop and RECEIVE A CHECK FROM YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY made payable to you and your bank or another shop, don’t fret! Dent Genie can have the check reissued. Please bring the check with you when you drop off your vehicle for repair.

Even if you have ALREADY SPOKEN TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY, We like having this "Meet and Greet." Past experience shows that customers feel more comfortable knowing, prior to dropping their vehicle for repair, where and who will be repairing their vehicle.

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1. Filing the Claim

Call your insurance company (IC) and let them know your car was damaged in the hail storm. You will need the date of the storm. If you are not sure of the time and date of storm, call Dent Genie at (214) 802-7887 and we will be glad to help you with the claim process.

Rental Reimbursement

Ask if you have Rental Reimbursement coverage. If so, ask the IC to set up a reservation for you. It will typically be through Enterprise and they will often give you a 6 digit code. My team is happy to make your reservation for you.

What if I don't have Rental Reimbursement?

Beware of Steering

Your insurance company might apply some pressure for you to use their Preferred Provider but that is not only against the law (it’s called STEERING), further, the PP will charge your deductible. Do not worry, Dent Genie is your advocate and will get the correct money to repair your vehicle and restore it to pre-storm condition.

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2. Get estimate

Your IC will most likely direct you to one of their Preferred Providers (PPs), usually Caliber Collision or another large body shop. At that time, they will quickly assess your damage and give you an estimate which, 85% of the time, is way less than your actual damage.

Paintless Dent Repair Allie

3. Contact us

Dent Genie will work directly with your insurance company moving forward. Schedule a date and time to drop your vehicle at our shop. We will gladly meet you at the rental car facility to take your car.

The Repair Process – what you can expect after you drop your car with the Dent Genie Team

The Dent Genie team will wash the car and put it under special lights that our technicians use to enhance every single dent on your car. We reconcile the estimate panel by panel then send the supplement to your IC.

Depending on how long your IC takes to send us a revised estimate determines the total repair time that we will have your vehicle. It generally takes our technician 1-3 days to complete the work.

After our technician has completed his work, your vehicle is double and triple checked for missed dents. It is prepared for delivery by washing and vacuuming . Prior to that, Our team will give you notice that the repair is almost completed and a delivery time is scheduled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain how you are able to waive my deductible?
Paint less dent repair is 100% labor (with the exception of window moldings). As an independent shop, we are simply offering to do the job for less money.

Some customers tell me they already paid their deductible, because they received a check for the assessed damage minus the deductible.

Let us explain this process via an example:

1. Your damage is assessed at $3000.
2. Your deductible is $500. Your IC gives you a check for $2500, right?
3. You decide to get your vehicle repaired at one of the IC’S PP.

When your vehicle is done, and you are picking it up, their previously polite receptionist will say, "Wait, you can’t take your car until you pay us $3000," but you only have a check for $2500! THIS IS WHEN YOU ACTUALLY PAY YOUR DEDUCTIBLE.

At Dent Genie, you don't have to rub the magic bottle and make a wish! You really don't pay anything out of pocket.
What if I don't have Rental Reimbursement?
If you do not have Rental Reimbursement, we can provide assistance to you based on the following:

1. The reservation has to be in your name and you need a VALID driver’s license

2. You will also need either a credit or debit card. Typically, Enterprise will charge $250-$300. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT, PLEASE LET A TEAM MEMBER KNOW AND WE CAN ASSIST AT THIS POINT.

3. If you DO have rental reimbursement through your insurance company, you will still have to have a valid DL and credit or debit card with $50, which will be a hold unIl you return the car.

Will filing a claim make my insurance rates go up?
No. Hail damage falls under the comprehensive portion of your policy and is considered an act of God.
What is paintless dent repair?
PDR is a method discovered by mistake in the Mercedes Factory over 30 years ago. As the car panels came down the assembly line, the workers would idenitfy small dents and they devised a method to push the dents from the inside out , thus reducing problems later down the line.

Today, our techs utilize this refined process by going underneath each dent and gently massage it until it falls back into place. The metal in your car has “memory” and can be manipulated by the skilled technician’s artful use of his specialized tools.

Paint less Dent Repair (PDR), is not only cheaper, but it’s faster as well. There are also no harmful chemicals used in the process. Instead of sanding down or removing panels, the damage gets removed from the inside. Depending on how deep it is, this method works for small to large-sized dents.

Hail damage gets labeled as a comprehensive claim. More good news is that hail damage rarely increases your rates (unless you’re doing so year after year).
How long does it take to repair my vehicle?
It depends on the estimate process. Depending on how long your IC takes to send us a revised estimate determines the total repair Ime that we will have your vehicle. It generally takes our technician 1-3 days to complete the work.
It’s going to hail again, why repair now?
Dents on top of dents can permanently damage your factory finish. Your car will no longer be a candidate for the paintless dent repair process.
What if I keep the check from the insurance company and don’t repair my vehicle?
Any future claims you have, whether it be hail or a collision, will be affected. Your unrepaired hail dents will be considered prior damage and the amount of your prior check becomes your new (and much higher) deductible.
What makes Dent Genie different?
Our technicians have 25+ years of repairing only hail damage cars. They know what they are doing and it shows when you see your repaired vehicle and smile from ear to ear!

We offer old fashioned customer service combined with cutting edge workmanship and experience!
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